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Bring Lil’ Leroi to life!

This old-fashioned paper cut-out train will bring the adventures and antics of Lil’ Leroi right into your hands. What better way to make up your own stories about the escapades, trials and tribulations of the little engine that is the best yard engine ever? “Lil’ Leroi may be small in railroad terms but he has a heart bigger than world’s most powerful locomotive. Just download the 3 page PDF and print on white cardstock. Construction is easy and it is free! DOWNLOAD HERE

Mr. Smelley’s Recipe for Cooking Ramps

The Wild Ramp of West Virginia

The Wild Ramp of West Virginia

Traditional menu is ramps, pinto beans, ham and cornbread. (Know that ramp odor lingers with you after eating them.) People eat them raw or add raw to eggs and potatoes. Cook them outdoors unless you want a “smelley” kitchen. 

1. Clean ramps like you clean green onions, Keep them cool and wash well.

2. Mr. Smelley uses an electric skillet plugged in outside to blanch them.

3. Place a couple of clean handfuls of ramps in the skillet so the water covers them.

4. Bring to a boil for three/five minutes. Pour off the water

5. Then sauté then in butter or bacon

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