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Lil’ Leroi – Book 1


Lil’ Leroi’s Railroad Summer – Book 2


Lil’ Leroi’s Rail & River Adventures – Book 3

“A good story about finding meaning for life, not giving up when things do not go your way, and the value of friends.”
Ed Jacobs, Ph.D, Coordinator Masters in Counseling, West Virginia University

“Lil’ Leroi’s book series are good read-aloud tales to entertain and educate children about acceptance and friendship, using humanized mechanical and animal characters in the real-life setting of the Durbin rocket train.”
Don Teter, author of Goin’ Up Gandy

“Lil’ Leroi is a work of art, a treasure, and a delightful story filled with events and choices that are character building for the reader. The Lil’Leroi series demonstrates the path to inclusion. The price of not being included is inestimable for individuals who are not included. The books could be in children’s curricula for introduction to value building, train facts, and local West Virginia and state history.”
Virginia V. Landrum, M.Ed, MA.

“A wonderful series of books that sparks the imagination and spirit of adventure in children, along with educating them about trains and important life lessons.”
Robert Van Camp, Creator and Producer of the Public Television Series, Great Scenic Railway Journeys

“Lil’ Leroi, the little yellow engine with the big heart, continues to bridge the communication gap in the world surrounding his railyard home. By encouraging the timid to be brave and the confident to put away preconceived notions, the door of hospitality is opened and everyone has a seat at the table. Lil’ Leroi shows children and adults alike that much is to be gained and change can come about when the hand or paw of friendship and acceptance is extended to all.”
Jaynell Graham, Editor, The Pocahontas Times

“Lil’ Leroi may be small in railroad terms but he has a heart bigger than world’s most powerful locomotive. Using imagination and object lessons, this book sets a wonderful example for today’s children of humility and respect, attributes that are often missing in today’s world.”
John Smith, Owner/President, Durbin Greenbrier Valley Railroad

“As I searched Amazon’s listings for books for children who have mastered basic reading, I discovered a recent book by Julia Elbon entitled Lil’ Leroi. The descriptions attracted my interest because I was seeking a book that would stimulate the imagination and delight my nine-year-old grandson. So I bought a copy of the book, gave it to him as a Christmas present, and asked him to read it to me. From the beginning, it engaged his interest and he became intrigued with Lil’ Leroi and his wild animal friends from the West Virginia mountains. Since the book included just a few unfamiliar words relevant to the local scene, we went to the computer where he learned the meaning by using Google. The book was so engaging that my grandson read it through to the end in one reading. This is a fine children’s book. It is fun to read and engenders cognitive development. I expect other children will react to this book with similar enthusiasm.”
Ed Boe, Erling E. Boe, Ph.D. Professor of Education, University of Pennsylvania

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