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“A good story about finding meaning for life, not giving up when things do not go your way, and the value of friends.”
Ed Jacobs, Ph.D, Coordinator Master’s in Counseling, West Virginia University.

“Lil’ leroi may be small in railroad terms but he has a heart bigger than the world’s most powerful locomotive. Using imagination and object lessons, this book sets a wonderful example for today’s children of humility and respect, attributes that are often missing in today’s world.”
John Smith, Owner/President, Durbin Greenbrier Valley Railroad

”Truth be told, I loved riding the Durbin Rocket the best – If only because of its jangly, pieced­ together feel. Other trains may be smoother, longer and more polished. But nothing compares to the personality of the friendly, distinctly non-rocket Durbin Rocket.”
Joe Tennis “All Aboard 18 Great Mountain Train Rides”, Blue Ridge Country, March /April2016

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